Circuits Connect Puzzle

We love to connect our dot-to-dots, then color in the picture.

Year 1st Created:

Size: 8½" x 11"

Puzzle Sizes: 246-320 Connections

Recommended Age Group: 8-108


The Circuit Connect puzzle is a puzzle that creates an image after connecting two circles with straight lines. This puzzle design is an original by David Kalvitis.

Partially solved Circuits Puzzle

Solved Circuits Puzzle showing a zoomed in image.


Complete each set of circuits using straight lines. Start at a circle and end at a circle to complete each circuit. TIP: Connect easy/closer circuits until harder ones become clear. Use a straight edge to find the correct connections.

Click the image to download the instruction sheet and finish the simple free sample puzzle.

Greatest Dot-to-Dot Circuits Connect Puzzle Instructions

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