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Monkeying Around Home of the Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books Monkeying Around has sold over three quarters of a million Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books in 10 years Our Dot-to-Dot Books are Made in the USA

Monkeying Around Home of the Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books
Super Challenge
Book #8

Information for Resellers

"We tout these wonderful dot to dot books to all our customers looking for a challenging activty. We've sold several hundred books so far this year.The free hand-outs are a great help. Congratulations on a great product."
- Randy Austin, The Gifted Child, Lenox MA (current retailer since 2001)

Welcome Vendors

CURRENT NEWS: The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Original Book 1 and 2 have new covers!

· We have created these vendor pages for the exclusive use to retail stores that resell or would like to sell our dot-to-dot books. You will find information and pricing on our books and sales aids within these pages. Check out the Vendor Testimonials section to see what the other vendors who work with us have discovered after carrying our books.

· Minimum order: $50.00 wholesale
· Any combination of our 18 award winning dot to dot books.
· 2% Discount when ordering in only 10 packs.
· Orders can be submitted via FAX, MAIL, EMAIL, or PHONE.
· We are happy to take your order over the phone and answer any questions
you have about our dot to dot books.
· Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (In Office)9:00-4:00EST
                                   Tuesday/Thursday (Email Only) office (at)

Sales Reps for Monkeying Around · If you are interested in becoming a Monkeying Around vendor fill out the form below to access the full website including pricing, credit app and sales aids.
· ... Or you may purchase our books from:
     ·Ingram Book. Search for "Kalvitis" under Authors.
     ·Sales Reps. We have sales representatives around the country and abroad.

Book signings?
    If you would like to set up a book signing(no charge), please e-mail and David will be contact you shortly.

We are a Shopatron manufacturer. What is Kibo/Shopatron? Kibo/Shopatron is the world's leading provider of global eCommerce for branded manufacturers, with almost 1,000 branded stores. By using our shopping cart through Shopatron it allows retailers to fulfill our orders, which enables in-store pickup capabilities that drive traffic into brick-and-mortar locations for additional services and add-on sales. It is just another way we support small local businesses.

Thousands of consumers visit our website looking for stores that carry our Dot-to-Dot books. When you order books from us your store gets listed in our online store locator. Consumers can search by zip code and get a list of resellers near them. We will list your store name, address, phone, website or facebook page and even a map to your retail store.

Retail Store Types that do well:
     ·Book Stores
     ·Education/Teacher Stores
     ·Gift Stores
     ·Gifted/Therapy Stores
     ·Hobby/Art Stores
     ·Hospital Shops
     ·Museum Stores
     ·Puzzle/Game Stores
     ·Toy Stores (ages 8+)
Our TARGET customers:
     ·kids ages 8 and older
     ·mentally challenged
     ·recovering stroke victims
     ·special ed students
     ·alzheimers patients
     ·customers trying to find a way to relax, etc.
Our puzzles are challenging enough to keep the mind involved, but easy enough to be solved. With no clues given to the final image, these revolutionary dot-to-dot puzzles provide a whole new level of challenge and intrigue. Each puzzle is a work of art in its own right. Upon completing a puzzle, you are rewarded with images that are themselves vivid and rich in detail.

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Mail me a catalog please.

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