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Monkeying Around Home of the Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books
Super Challenge
Book #8

The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure: Book 1

The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure: Book 1 Front Cover
The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure: Book 1 Front Cover
Year Released: 2012
Size: 8½ x 11
ISBN: 978-0979975325 (may need to order from local retailers)
Pages: 48
Puzzles: 39 (2 triple page puzzles, 1 quadruple page puzzle)
Puzzle Sizes: 128-2,685 Dots
Recommended Age Group: 8-108
Price: $9.95 This will take you to our Dot-to-Dot Store
Free Printable Connect the Dot Puzzle Download sample 1Click Image For:
Dot-to-Dot Scene Puzzle Sample from The NEW Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure Book 1

Description: The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure, (the 17th book in the Greatest Dot-to-Dot series) by David Kalvitis, carries on his tradition of skillfully utilizing dots to create the most amazingly complex and artistic dot-to-dot puzzles to ever hit the market.

The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure - Book 1 begins following a guide, an imaginative young boy searching for the missing pieces of a mysterious gift. Together, visitors will navigate challenging puzzles and unearth secret clues to discover new species of dots and spectacular views. One can even challenge themselves by scaling the 'Everest of Connect-the-Dots', a four page foldout puzzle comprised of a record breaking 2,600 dots.

Kalvitis' goal was to raise the connect-the-dot bar even higher with his new 'Adventure' series. A simple story line that follows a boy around his home town looking for clues is a continuing theme in Adventure Book 1. The variety of images expected in Kalvitis' previous books are still present in this new offering, in addition the images of what the young boy sees 'connect' as the story begins to unfold.

Speaking of unfolding, the new Adventure Book also contains two triple page foldouts, and one jaw dropping four page foldout with over 2,600 dots, the largest Dot-to-Dot in print to date. Kalvitis' new book also boasts a couple new puzzle styles as well as puzzles that give clues to other puzzles in order for you to solve them. Because of these interacting puzzles in addition to the new story line (both of which have never been done in an activity book of this type before), The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure Book is even more interactive and exciting than ever before.

Join us on the Adventure, because Dot-to-Dots aren't just for kids anymore! Ages 8 to 108.

Quantities of each type of puzzle in this book

  2 - 3 Page Connect the Dots
  1 - 4 Page Connect the Dots
  1 - ABC Set Dot-to-Dots
  1 - Alpha Dots Connect the Dots
  1 - Arrows Connect Puzzle
  1 - Circuits Connect Puzzle
  1 - Compass Connect the Dots
  2 - Crazy Dot-to-Dots
  1 - Field of Dot-to-Dots
  1 - Match Up Connect Puzzle
  1 - No Dots Connect Puzzles
  1 - Numbers Connect Puzzles
  1 - Odd/Even Dot-to-Dots
  5 - Scene Dot-to-Dots
  3 - Sets Connect the Dots
  15 - Stars Connect the Dots
  1 - Symbols Dot-to-Dots

Puzzle Preview from Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure Book #1
Connect Puzzle
preview from
Greatest Dot-to-Dot
Book #1

Puzzle Preview from Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure Book #1
preview from
Greatest Dot-to-Dot
Book #1

Puzzle Preview from Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure Book #1
preview from
Greatest Dot-to-Dot
Book #1

Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure Book #1 Back Cover
Back Cover
Greatest Dot-to-Dot
Book #1

"I just completed the new book the other day while camping on a riverbed in Port Renfrew (on Vancouver Island, about 80 km from victoria) What a spectacular book! Every page was worth it! I think I discovered a hidden theme how all the puzzles are connected with a little boy as he adventures through the book. Pass on my greatest regards to David Kalvitis, and I can't wait for book #2! (worth waiting for as I know it will be just as good as this one!)"
Ron, Canada

"I've only completed 14 puzzles so far. I love how the clues on page 6 are needed to complete the puzzle on page 7. I haven't done page 12 yet because I skip around. Page 3 was fun! I love the image that turned out to be the ________; I also love the _______ and the _______." (no spoilers)
Ruth, Facebook Fan

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I got very confused when my order came in because I ordered from your site and somehow the order was filled through Shopatron?
Yes, our orders from our webstore are fullfilled by our small retailers around the country. They buy the books from us and fill the orders that are closer to their zip code. The stores earn revenue and you get your books faster. You also may have the opportunity to pick up your order at the store and save on shipping.

Wish it wasn't so long in between getting new books out as I really enjoy doing them...
This is not in a question form, but we get the question ALOT. It takes David (the only one making the books) a long time to plan an idea for a book, think of images of a book, invent a new way of doing a dot-to-dot, put the image with the puzzle type (not all will work together), layout the image, lay out the dots, rework the image with the dots so there a no crossing lines (unless it is required) and no touching dots. The pages that have 2 or more connected, those pages have to be designed with a gap in the middle. The instructions have to be placed or written, the pages have to be placed in numerical order, then the testing of each puzzle begins. After all is ready it has to go to the printer. David takes pride in the increasing detail of each puzzle with the progression of the books.

I think your Dot-to-Dot books are the greatest!! When is your next book due to come out?
The Adventure Book 1 took over a year to create, so some time after June 2013. Keep checking back. We are also on Facebook and Twitter. We offer an email update as well.

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