Teacher reviews about our Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books

"For an elementary school teacher, the different puzzle types involve skills that are closely tied to the mathematics curriculum. For the rest of us, they are an invitation to return to a deeply satisfying, often remarkably peaceful pastime."
- From Bernie DeKoven, Major Fun Reviewer

"I just saw that you have teacher testimonials on your site. I would love to add one to your website. I am a math and computer science teacher who has taught at both the high school and middle school levels. Currently, I teach at an alternative middle school for students who have been expelled in our county. These kids are usually very disruptive and have difficulty concentrating. However, when I give these students one of your puzzles as a math warmup, the room goes silent. All you can hear is an occasional "Where is 121?" or a "It is next to 17." Kids (and adults) love dot-to-dots and they help them with logical and critical thinking! They are a great way to ease kids into math! Thanks!"
- Vicki, Partners For Success, DuPage County Regional Office of Education, Illinois

"Not your average dot-to-dot book. Good for upper elementary and up."
- Homeschool mom of 3 (...and mathematician), California

"I recently purchased your Greatest Dot to Dot book (Books 1 & 2) with the intent of using them in my daily practice. I am a physical therapist specializing in Vestibular Rehabilitation and working closely with patients status post stroke. Many of these patients have decreased visual perception, difficulty with visual scanning, processing disorders, and difficulty following sequences. Your puzzles address these concerns in a unique and inventive manner."
- Beth, Level 2 clinician, Vestibular Rehabilitation

"I recently found your dot to dot books and thought they looked great! I have always thought that conventional dot to dots showed too much of the picture and ruined the mystery. I am a teacher and would like to buy your books and be able to use some of the dot to dots with my class."
- Myca, Internet

"I would like to be able to use your dot-to-dot books in my classroom and in conjunction with the math teacher. It would be nice if I could share them with the special education teacher as well. I am a 7th grade teacher in an urban district, many of our student are low income and functioning below grade level. I would have the student race to the finish and use the sets to get them to follow step by step directions."
- Mary, Lansing, MI

"These puzzles would help so much with not only number practice, but thinking logically and in order, focus, and small motor skills. Another great feature is how well they would work for all skill levels at the same time; something that can be challenging to find."
- Lisa, Michigan

"Thank you so much for letting us, me and my students, use your work for a mathematics unit. The specific Texas Essential Knowledge and Skill we addressed was 'Mathematics in Art and Architecture'. My students are 8th grade students experiencing really cool 'Dot-to-Dot!' art for the first time."
- Diane, El Paso, TX

"I've never had so much fun in math class thanks to you!"
- Danielle, 8th Grade Student

"I have a combination class of third and forth grade. When I am instructing one class, the other class is doing seatwork. I give them all sorts of activities to do during that time. When I saw your book, I thought there is something I can use. Your book looked really challenging in the fact that when you look at a page, you have no idea what it is you're looking at. I loved doing dot-to-dot puzzles as a child, so I was so happy to find this treasure. Your book looked really challenging in the fact that when you look at a page, you have no idea what it is you're looking at."
- Becky, Jonestown, PA

"Your puzzles are perfect for the classroom when fast learners have completed their tasks but the class needs to proceed at a uniform rate and the teacher needs to attend those who are still working on their assignments. In addition, the certain amount of intrigue which the puzzles stimulate are a welcome resource for teachers. Thank you for a great teacher resource."
- Martin, The Mayflower School, Santiago de Chile

"As a teacher, I have purchased The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Book in the World Bk 3 and Bk 4 in hopes of using the pages as bonus problems on tests while students wait for all to finish. Since I teach math, I thought this could be an appropriate 'fun' activity."
- Margie, Gilman, IL

"I find my 8th grade students begging to use the Dot-to-Dot puzzles. What a wonderful and intriguing reward for them. They can't wait to see what images appear on the paper!"
- Kathryn, Great Bend Middle School, Great Bend, Kansas

"I home school my children and your dot-to-dots have been a great help in teaching my son number sequence. My two oldest just love it when I assign a dot-to-dot as part of their work for the day. My son has made such progress in learning his numbers and the order they go in. He has even been able to find mistakes and correct them. Thank you very much for all your hard work."
- Jessica, Salem, Oregon

"Just wanted to let you know that my students love the dot-to-dots! I gave them the one from last week and the one from this week today, and they were already wanting to know when they could have another one!"
- Dee, Ayr Public School, Ayr, NE

"I recently purchased Book 1 and 2 of 'The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Book in the World'. I am a 7th grade math teacher who teaches a lesson this six weeks giving my students various examples of 'geometry in art'."
- Beth, Wimberley-Danforth Junior High

"My daughter in law teaches Geometry and this page 10 is a wonderful teaching aid."
- Ellanor, Santa Rosa, CA

"I had no idea when my most recent issue of 'Games' magazine arrived that I would become a fan of 'monkeying around'. As a fifth grade teacher, I usually frown on students in my class who engage in this behavior. However, when it comes to your puzzles, I will make an exception. Your puzzles are interesting and challenging, which is perfect for my group. My students are in a gifted program and thoroughly enjoyed the puzzle sample I gave them. They immediately asked for more, which promped a visit to your website. We downloaded more puzzles to add to the fun. I am now looking forward to the arrival of all three volumes of your puzzle books for use with my class, and would recommend their use to other teachers in search of creative classroom resources."
- Barbara, Crestmont School

"I really appreciated the fact that you number higher than most dot-to-dot books and that you have some interesting variations such as the 'Sets', 'Field of Dots', 'Stars', and 'Odd/Even'. These variations make your pages more challenging and reinforce math skills, and, as a teacher, I really appreciate that."
- Donna, Denver Christian Schools, Denver, CO

In 2000, Monkeying Around started a dot-to-dot revolution, producing award-winning dot-to-dot puzzles. Author/artist, David Kalvitis, has been dedicated to creating the most amazingly complex and artistic dot-to-dot puzzles to ever hit the market. These dot-to-dot puzzles aren't just for little kids and here's why: The final image cannot be determined until completion of the puzzle; puzzles can number in the thousands; and there are 17 different ways of completing these dot-to-dot puzzles. David Kalvitis's puzzles challenge children and adults of all ages, are an incredible learning tool, and are a fantastic way to relieve stress. With nearly 1 million Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books sold worldwide, Monkeying Around and David Kalvitis continue to strive to make connecting and coloring dot-to-dots a wonderfully enjoyable and relaxing experience. To join the revolution please call (800) 553-4300 or visit us online at .

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