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"For an elementary school teacher, the different puzzle types involve skills that are closely tied to the mathematics curriculum. For the rest of us, they are an invitation to return to a deeply satisfying, often remarkably peaceful pastime."
- From Bernie DeKoven, Major Fun Reviewer

"There are five volumes of the "Greatest Dot-to-Dot" series, so far. The first four are a great introduction to the wide variety of puzzle types. The fifth volume is most appropriately called "Super Challenge," where you'll find puzzles that span two pages and hundreds and hundreds of dots. There are also four volumes of Kalvitis' Newspaper Dot-to-Dot puzzles - smaller, but every bit as innovative. Each puzzle is a work of art in its own right. When you complete a puzzle, you are rewarded with images that are themselves often surprisingly vivid, sometimes rich in detail, sometimes spare and subtle. Often drawn in perspective. Never stiff. Never blocky. Always surprising."
- From Bernie DeKoven, Major Fun Reviewer

"Connect-the-dot puzzles are lots of fun for little kids. But The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Book in the World takes the concept to a vastly different and far more challenging level that works for older kids and grown-ups. The numbers go into the hundreds, and unlike puzzles for little ones, there's no way to tell what the end result will be until it's complete. After years of doing graphic design for brochures and annual reports, author David Kalvitis went in search of something more exciting, and voila, the complex dot-to-dot concept was born in 2000. With book five just released, The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Super Challenge, Kalvitis outdoes himself with puzzles that go into the thousands. One particular puzzle, a pond scene with intricate detail, is a mindblower (but you won't figure out which one it is until you and the grandkids take pen to paper)."
- Reviewer: Susan Avery,

"I never outgrew my love of doing dot-to-dot puzzles, but I did outgrow the simple dot-to-dot books which are aimed at young children and seemingly were the only ones being made. So it was with great excitement that I came across David Kalvitis's excellent book on Amazon. This is what I have long been hoping to find: a dot-to-dot book that is actually enjoyable (and challenging) for adults!"

"The puzzles in this book, unlike the kiddie dot-to-dot puzzles of the past, have several adult-worthy features: 1.) The solution to most of the puzzles isn't immediately obvious. You won't be connecting 25 dots to complete a kite or a ball in this book! Instead, puzzles can include 200 to 300 (or more!) dots, in which many have to be connected in order to reveal what the final image might be. 2.) The act of simply connecting the dots is often a challenge! Many dots are spaced far apart and require long, straight lines zigzagging all around the page, which isn't as easy as it might seem. Your arm will get tired, but you will also get a nice sense of satisfaction after completing the more elaborate puzzles. 3.) Kalvitis includes several variations, including puzzles where you must connect several subsets of dots, puzzles where you start and stop your line, "fields of dots," and even dotless puzzles. This prevents monotony from ever setting in (along with the variety in the pictures themselves). Older children would probably enjoy this book too, but the difficulty level would most likely frustrate younger kids. That's OK though... as I've already noted, there are plenty of simple dot-to-dot books already available for them. For everyone else, I highly recommend this one!"
- Amazon Reviewer: Adam, New York

"This is not your grandfather's dot-to-dot! Perfect for quiet times while traveling or getting over a cold, this is a collection of classic dot to dot books. The smallest books use numerals from 40 to 140. The larger books ($6.95) have numerals from 50-460 and several sets of connections, including alphabet and numerals. There are also some challenging puzzles that call for a bit of graph reading to make connections."
- Gold Award 2006, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio

"This is to inform you that our 2004 Top Creative Toy Awards panel has awarded your toy entry, The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Book in the World Series, a Preferred Choice Award. (Kid's Puzzle category). Once again, congratulations!"
- Top Creative Toys for 2004, Creative Child Magazine Holiday Issue

"Monkeying Around has published this wonderful new series based on the old connect-the-dot books, a great classic fun activity. The concept has been around for a long time, but these books take a fresh new approach to the wonderful world of dot-to-dots. Each of the four books offer increasingly challenging puzzles and intricate drawings as you progress through, as well as a variety of different images including animals, vehicles, buildings, and sports. Some puzzles present new variations and include special instructions on the page. Monkeying Around was created by a graphic designer from Rochester, NY who is a lifelong fan of games and puzzles. His goal was to design puzzles that were interesting and challenging for older children and adults to enjoy. The books are a relaxing alternative to television but also help children focus as they discover each image. Dot-to-dots have been popular for a long time, and now the "Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books" can be enjoyed by people of all ages!"
- Dr. Toy's Best Classic Toys for 2004, Selected by Stevanne Auerbach, PH.D. (Dr. Toy)

"Congratulations! On behalf of Informal Education Products and the consumers of the Museum Tour Catalog /, it is with great pleasure that we honor The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books with the 'Informal Education Products 2003-2004 Product of the Year Award. Each year, we conduct a consumer survey requesting product feedback and ranking. Replys are tallied and products scored. Our team of experts then looks at each product for superb design, quality and educational value. Our staff and customers picked the Dot-to-Dot Books as one of our superior products of the 2003-2004 season."
- In recognition of a superior educational product 2003-2004, Informal Education Products Award of Excellence

"You may have thought you liked dot-to-dot puzzles in the past, but when you sit down with any book in this set you will discover a new level of just how much fun they can be. Monkeying Around takes the whole dot-to-dot concept a step beyond with intricate designs that magically take shape as you guide your pen (recommended by the author over pencil) across the page. The instructions in the book are very positive and demonstrate good ideas for getting great results. What stood out the most was just how much the authors love dot-to-dot puzzles and that serves to make it more fun for all of us."
- Holiday 2003 Seal of Approval, The National Parenting Center

"To keep older kids entertained during the summer, as well as putting their brains to use, try out the ingenious series of The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books in the World, by author David Kalvitis. Remember loving those connect-the-dots when you were a kid? This book introduces an old concept in a new package. It contains exciting new twists and playful challenges that maintain excitement throughout the book, and provides pages of truly unique puzzles."
- Reviewer: Genesee Valley Parent Magazine (2003)

"This is a surprisingly fun book. I was curious but mildly skeptical after reading the description and reviews here, but find that the puzzles are rewarding. In addition to challenging examples of the conventional connect-the-dot method, author David Kalvitis introduces creative variations called Sets, Stars, Field of Dots, Odd/Even and No Dots! Sound intriguing? That essentially captures the spirit of this tantalizing set of pictures waiting to be liberated from obscurity by your erstwhile efforts on their behalf! It really is fun to see what's hidden there among those dots. Kalvitis also gives some information about the origins of the form and getting the best results. If you're at all interested in this puzzle form, and want to exercise your left and right brain simultaneously, you will enjoy this fun book. "Note that even the simplest puzzle contains 49 dots and most contain many more, so this is too difficult for little kids but a very nice choice for those who are beginning to outgrow their lower-level puzzles or the child who enjoys/needs practice with fine motor skills or has some interest in art. Also for puzzle-loving adults. Nicely done."
- Amazon Reviewer: Audrey the Librarian, Boston, MA

"This 8 1/2 by 11 inch book has 48 pages of intriguing, but indecipherable, pictures that are impossible to bring together visually until up to 317 dots are connected with straight lines drawn from dot-to-dot. The most intriguing thing about the designer's work is the way the puzzle solver is directed to draw long lines in unexpected places that completely unbalance any pre-conceived ideas about what is being depicted. Testing a puzzle, with no clues as to its final form, I drew a desert traveler riding a camel. This book would be a perfect gift for a convalescing friend, or indeed for anyone with time on his or her hands. And what about that young man who just won't learn his numbers?"
- Reviewer: Eleanor Heldrich, Children's Literature

"These books are extremely well done and I definitely think you will have a market for years to come. Actually, your presentation of the puzzles is better than most houses could do."
- Terry Stickels, Author, Are You As Smart As You Think?: 150 Original Mathematical, Logical, and Spatial-Visual Puzzles for All Levels of Puzzle Solvers

"Anyone who knows how to count can undertake the puzzles in this book. It contains various skill levels as well as helpful hints and tips. In addition to the traditional dot-to-dots there are key puzzles with more than one line to connect; no-dot puzzles, where you connect just the numbers; and field of dots, which has evenly spaced dots with a key indicating which to connect. Prepare to be challenged."
- Reviewer: Genesee Valley Parent Magazine (2000)

"The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Book in the World is a trip back to childhood where we learned our numbers by "connecting the dots." The Greatest... is a million times better to relax to, or to do when you are waiting for the computer, or a site to finally come on. It's great to do on a trip. There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how exceptional this book is."
- Nancy Bernhard, Author, The Best of Baby Boomer Trivia

In 2000, Monkeying Around started a dot-to-dot revolution, producing award-winning dot-to-dot puzzles. Author/artist, David Kalvitis, has been dedicated to creating the most amazingly complex and artistic dot-to-dot puzzles to ever hit the market. These dot-to-dot puzzles aren't just for little kids and here's why: The final image cannot be determined until completion of the puzzle; puzzles can number in the thousands; and there are 17 different ways of completing these dot-to-dot puzzles. David Kalvitis's puzzles challenge children and adults of all ages, are an incredible learning tool, and are a fantastic way to relieve stress. With nearly 1 million Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books sold worldwide, Monkeying Around and David Kalvitis continue to strive to make connecting and coloring dot-to-dots a wonderfully enjoyable and relaxing experience. To join the revolution please call (800) 553-4300 or visit us online at .

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