Free 2014 Valentine Dot-to-Dot puzzles

Please feel free to download the following Valentine Dot-to-Dot Puzzles for your parties, classroom or just if you feel like doing a puzzle.

The large puzzle is from our Greatest Super Challenge Dot-to-Dot Book #7. The mini puzzle is from our Volume 8 Newspaper Book..  Our puzzles are recommended for ages 8-108.


Our “holiday” free sample puzzles will only be available during their specific holiday. Check back for the next holiday freebie dot-to-dot. For our year-round sample puzzles go HERE.

Each image will download a PDF. You will need Acrobat reader to view and print these pdf files.

Greatest Dot-to-Dot FREE Valentine puzzle sample

Greatest Dot-to-Dot FREE Valentine Newspaper puzzle sample

TIP 1:  Make a second copy of the puzzle and share it in a Holiday Greeting Card.

TIP 2:  Solve the mini Newspaper puzzles using the Q-Tip painting technique.

Halloween Dot-to-Dot Q-Tip Painting Technique

One thought on “Free 2014 Valentine Dot-to-Dot puzzles

  1. I’m absolutely hooked on Dot to Dots! I’m a professional artist. I show in Chicago, NYC etc. I have severe arthritis in my hands & bought my first Dot To Dot books about 3 yrs. ago I liked Dot To Dots as a kid & thought I would see if my hands were still capable of the control for my pen & ink works of art. I don’t use mechanical pens.. This Thanksgiving, 2013 I broke my back and 3 ribs so I was homebound all winter. I have only been out 5 times since Thanksgiving to go to doctors. Well I remembered my Dot To Dot books and I’m crazed. They exercise my hands, practice precision and they’re fun! I need more than the last bunch I ordered. You have awakened a beast of simple beauty for my mind to forget my pain & lesson my mind from worry. Gratefully, Joan Lycardi

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