Monkeying Around Team Has Made Their 2013 Dot Day Marks

International Dot Day

David's 2013 Dot Day Mark

David’s 2013 Dot Day Mark

International Dot Day (every September 15th) is a celebration of creativity that was inspired by Peter H. Reynolds’ book “The Dot”. His Celebri-dots Blog is filled with other authors, illustrators and celebrities who share in the dream of a more creative world. For International Dot Day 2012 David created a “Mark”. He has continued this wonderful celebration by creating a 2013 “Mark”.
Celebrate your individual artistic talents with the rest of the world by making your own dot. Not sure what to do? The International Dot Day Facebook is loaded with “Dot” happenings from around the world and ideas.




Terri's Dot Day Mark

Terri’s Dot Day Mark

Terri’s Dot Day Mark:
This year I made my own Dot Day Mark. Besides doing puzzles I also scrapbook and make cards. I created my Dot Day Mark by using the techiniques I learned making my crafts. My “Mark” is a Greatest Dot-to-Dot Newspaper puzzle from Vol. 3. I solved the puzzle using a Q-Tip painting techinique instead of a pencil or pen. I dabbed my Q-Tip onto a colored ink pad and solved the puzzle making Q-Tip Dots. I was able to see where to change colors by using the Puzzle Key located here. I used the final image in a homemade greeting card. If you are interested in seeing a greeting card using our Newspaper Dot puzzles visit our Greeting Card pages.

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