Dot-to-Dot Philadelphia is a Homeschool Homerun!

We Are Connected Dot-to-Dot Philadelphia Puzzle Book


“Are you looking to put your child’s math skills to the test and add a little fun to your homeschool day?”
Homework and Horseplay

I create dot-to-dot books so that children and adults can have fun. But there’s more to it than that. My books are educational (math, following instruction, and history, especially with the Dot-to-Dot Philadelphia Book), artistic and creative (tap into your own creativity by coloring in the finished puzzle), promote cognitive thinking (think elder care), and are a great way to de-stress.


Timberdoodle Co.Timberdoodle Co., an online company that specializes in hands-on homeschooling, requested that my newly published Dot-to-Dot Philadelphia Book be included in one of their customized curriculum kits. It’s an honor to have them request my most recent book. As a means of spreading the word about the many ways to enjoy my dot-to-dot books, Timberdoodle Co. offered to their Timberdoodle Blog Team a chance to review my book, and 10 of these homeschooling moms gave the Dot-to-Dot Philadelphia Book rave reviews.


Cummins Life review“This Dot-to-Dot book, done by award winning dot-to-dot artist David Kalvitis, was created to honor the centennial of Benjamin Franklin Parkway, a mile long cultural boulevard in Philadelphia. This book includes 23 challenging dot-to-dot puzzles of museums, public art, architecture, fountains and various attractions in the Parkway Museums District.”
“This is such a fun and inexpensive book. It’s a great add on if you are studying the United States, planning a trip to Philadelphia, or just want something to help you relax and de-stress from the busyness of life.” – Read the full review here: “Dot-to-Dot Philadelphia Product Review” by Cummins Life | August 11, 2018


Family, Faith, and Fridays Review

We Are Connected Dot to Dot Philadelphia is a part of the Timberdoodle 11th grade kit, but can also be purchased separately.
It can be used for so many things –

  • fine motor practice
  • math practice (some of the puzzles count into the thousands)
  • history (think state studies)
  • and even art (you can color to your heart’s content)

– Read the full review here: “Can You Connect the Dots?” by Family, Faith, and Fridays | August 17, 2018

Homework and Horseplay Review

“I am very impressed with the Dot-to-Dot Philadelphia book so far. We homeschool year round, but in the summer I try to change up our math lessons to keep things interesting. This book is a fun way to keep the learning going, and challenge your children all at the same time!”
“As an added bonus we also spent quite a bit of time researching and learning more about Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway. I love when our homeschool lessons naturally led us from one subject to the next!” – Read the full review here: “Dot-to-Dot Philadelphia Review” by Homework and Horseplay | August 15, 2018

Timeless and Treasured Review




“There is a map on the back of the book that shows famous landmarks with the corresponding page numbers. We have actually spent some time in Philadelphia quite a number of times these past few years so this book helped “connect the dots” quite literally to places we have actually been! So fun!”
“This book kept the interest of both my middle schooler and my soon to be college bound student (insert mommy tears here). Honestly, I even enjoy doing these dot to dot books myself – they can be very satisfying!” – Read the full review here: “We Are Connected ~ A Timberdoodle Review” by Timeless and Treasured | August 15, 2018

Hopkins Homeschool Reviews

“Not only do we get to relax while doing these fun puzzles, but at the back of the book, we have a beautiful description of what each puzzle is when they are done. This allowed us the chance to check out the pictures in further detail and add some history to our fun.” – Read the full review here: “Dot-To-Dot Philadelphia – A Timberdoodle Review” by Hopkins Homeschool | August 16, 2018


Life, Love, and Dirty Diapers Review

“I liked that the directions were clearly laid out. If there was something you needed to know for that specific puzzle, it would tell you. For example, in one puzzle, you had different dot shapes and the different dot shapes you each did separately. I also appreciated that they let you know where the puzzle stops. Nothing like trying to search for more numbers once it’s already done. I also appreciated that they had a list in the back of the places, but not on the picture. I enjoy doing the dot to dot first and then reading to learn more about it afterwards. I enjoy trying to figure out what it is without already knowing.” – Read the full review here: “Dot To Dot Philadelphia Review” by Life, Love, and Dirty Diapers | August 17, 2018

Joyful Wife Life Review


“This is a great resource to use in homeschool if you have a child who is waiting for their next lesson or if a child is bored. My girls wanted to use this all day!” – Read the full review here: “Extreme Dot-to-Dot Review” by Joyful Wife Life | August 13, 2018



The Art Kit Review

“I’m so glad we stayed with it because we really did have a blast and it wasn’t nearly as difficult as we thought it would be!”

“If you enjoyed dot-to-dot books as a child, or if you enjoy working on traditional puzzles as an adult, or even if you enjoy word-finds, you will love this book! It has just the right level of challenge without it being too much, especially if you’ve already had a busy or stressful day and are looking for a fun way to unwind.”

“We also loved how this book brought history to life in such a fun way!” – Read the full review here: “Review of Dot-to-Dot Philadelphia: An Award Winning Book” by The Art Kit | August 14, 2018

A to Z Learning Adventures Review



“I do think that this is a great addition to any curriculum, age appropriate, that is learning about The United States. It’s a fun way to ‘connect’ with the theme and a different way to remember the academic aspect.” – Read the full review here: “Dot-2-Dot Philadelphia review” by A to Z Learning Adventures | August 14, 2018



Living Life Hour by Hour Review



“I think often times as adults we don’t think of doing activities like this as a stress reliever, but I found I really enjoyed working in this book. I’ll be honest that I didn’t use a ruler once because I was doing this book for fun and having to use a ruler made it somehow seem more like work (LOL) I was so pleased with how clear the pictures were.”  – Read the full review here: “Review: Dot to Dot! Philadelphia” by Living Life Hour by Hour | August 24, 2018


I’m proud to say that I began the trendy dot-to-dot book craze 18 years ago when these types of books were simply not being produced. I’m also proud to say that in a sea of dot-to-dot offerings, my books are the only ones that are artistically rendered; easy to use, and yet still challenging; and the most awarded in the industry. I want children and adults of all ages to have fun: to enjoy solving puzzles, to relax at the end of a stressful day with a puzzle or two, or to challenge and enhance cognitive function and education.

I appreciate all the homeschooling moms and their children who’ve spent time with my books and made the effort to give their opinions. If you’re curious about dot-to-dots and how you can incorporate them into your family life, please read these blogs and get to know some of the reasons why my dot-to-dots are enjoyed by so many people.

Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books

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