Beyond The Dots- DIY Mother’s Day Present

A couple of years ago, I did a String Art for Mother’s Day.  We’d like to share it with you and show you how to make a wonderful string art gift!



First, you’ll need the Mother’s Day Puzzle, which is in the link.  It’s recommended you print the puzzle out on copy paper.
You can also print out the Mother’s Day Puzzle Guide, which will be very helpful with this art piece.



Other Items you’ll need:
Black Craft Foam Core (Dollar Tree)
Craft Knife, Scissors
Metal Ruler (Metal is highly recommended, as plastic can form uneven notches with craft knives)
Two Black Picture Frames (to create a shadow box.  Also, found at Dollar Tree)
Nails (Local Hardware store should have a cheap pack)
Black Marker, Colored Highlighters or Markers (To color the string and the nails)
Glue (Terri uses Mod Podge from the Dollar Tree)
Toothpick, Paper Plate, Tweezers, Pliers
Thin Medical Tape or Painter’s tape (be sure to attach it to your clothes first to lower the tackiness of it)
String or cross stitch thread (Of course!)
Piece of Thin Cardboard
Liquid Glass (Optional)


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We highly recommend you watch the full youtube video, showing step by step how to do this:



Our “holiday” free sample puzzles will only be available during their specific holiday.
Check back for the next holiday freebie dot-to-dot. For our year-round sample puzzles go HERE.

Each image will download a PDF. You will need Acrobat reader to view and print these pdf files.


To see more dot-to-dot string art check out this link:


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