Numbers Puzzle Instructions

In 2009 David Kalvitis invented the Numbers puzzle for his 3rd Super Challenge Book, #7. The Numbers puzzle is definitely NOT your Grandfather’s Dot-to-Dot! This puzzle type still leaves the ability for David to create a detailed image when solved.

We have designed a smaller simple puzzle to help with the instructions if you are needing assistance in solving it. The puzzle has been started with thin green and black lines to help you get started.  When you are done your lines should make a fruit.  After you get the hang of it, try one of our FREE SAMPLE puzzles.

Click the image below to download the .pdf instruction page.

Instructions:  Start at the circled number 001. Connect numbers in sequential order, passing through extra numbers. End at circled number ____.

For more information on our Numbers puzzles including which books they are in visit our Numbers Puzzle Page.

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