Hello Dot-to-Dot Fans!!!

We have a blog!  Why a blog for dot-to-dots?  Well as David has said for years, his puzzles are “Not your Grandfather’s Dot-to-Dots”.  I find it funny that he says this.  Many of our customers ARE grandfathers, and the Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books are now their favorite pencil puzzles.  So many customers have written us saying how much they love having dot-to-dots that are not for little kids.  So, this blog is here to share how customers are using the Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books in their lives.  Maybe we will be lucky enough to have them comment back to us.  I will also share other pencil puzzle news that we find notable.  I encourage you to “follow us” on this blog as well as “like” us on our Facebook page.  It is the best way to keep informed on when the next new book will be releasing.

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