Valentine’s Card

Lovebirds_12Here is a new 5″ x 7″ Valentine’s card I made using a Sample Dot-to-Dot on the inside! This window card is fairly simple and uses every day craft items to create. You can make your own using the artwork file on the right and the free puzzle as a extra card bonus. I added a few choice sentiments so you can customize the card according to your own interests. The colors of the card base and front window matting can be changed to your favorite colors for Valentine’s.Lovebirds_01

Supplies I used:

  • 1 sheet of heart patterned paper for the card inside
  • 1 sheet of heart patterned cardstock for the card front
  • Clip art sheet with images printed on white heavy cardstock
  • 1 sheet of heavy white cardstock for base
  • Greatest Dot-to-Dot Sample Newspaper Puzzle for Valentine’s Day
  • 4½” x 6½” piece of acetate

Tools I used:

Paper dimensions:

  • Cut the heavy white cardstock down to two pieces, 5″ x 10½” (score at 7″) and 5” x 4″ (score at ½”). These two pieces of white cardstock will be combined to make the base for the card. Since the card is opening up in the middle, instead of on the side, I needed a 5″ x 14½” base. I don’t have cardstock that is 14½” long, so piecing the two pieces is the best way for me to make this card.Lovebirds_03
  • Cut the patterned paper for the front 5″ x 7″ and cut in half.
  • Cut the other patterned paper for the inside 4½” x 6½”.
  • Cut the acetate in half to make two pieces 4½” x 3¼”.

Attach the 5″ x 10½” piece to the 5″ x 4″ piece by putting tape or glue on the ½” scored end.  You should have one long card piece, scored at 3½” on each side.  This will let the card be opened in the middle front. Then, cut the heart out of the artwork. Center Lovebirds_04the heart on the front of the card when it is folded closed. Trace the heart. Cut the heart out of the front of the card.







Lovebirds_09aAttach the 4½” x 6½” patterned paper to the inside of the card.  Ink the edges first if you would like the dimension. Attach the two pieces of acetate to the two sides of the front of the card. Trace half of the heart on one of the halves of the patterned paper for the front.  Cut the half heart out, ink the edges and attach to the front of the card, sandwiching the acetate between the paper and cardstock.  Do the same for the other side.  I added pink ink to the outside edge of the card for dimension.







Color the birds and then cut them out.  I used watercolor pencils.  You can use anything that will work on cardstock. Attach to the front of the card, but only on one side of the card.  Lovebirds_10


Cut out your choice of banners.  The blank one is for a customized salutation. Cut a “V” in each end of the banner.  Fold the banner to make it bend and give it dimension.  If you inked the edges of your card, ink this too.  Attach it to the other half of the card, but only one side.



Cut the Valentine’s themed mini dot-to-dot puzzle out and attach it to the inside of the card.


I picked my inside sentiment.  I also decided to add more paper on the inside of the card.  It is your choice to do this extra step.



My card looks like this.  What does yours look like?  Share it with #GreatestDots



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