2014 International Dot Day – September 15th

International Dot Day

It’s a new year and another addition to the Peter Reynold’s Dot Day Celebration.  I love looking at all the “Dots” people were making around the world.  David Kalvitis's International Dot Day MarkSo many were beyond my creativity.  International Dot Day (every September 15th) is a celebration of creativity that was inspired by Peter H. Reynolds’ book “The Dot”. His Celebri-dots Blog is filled with other authors, illustrators and celebrities who share in the dream of a more creative world. For International Dot Day 2012 David created his first “Mark”. He has continued this wonderful celebration by creating a 2014 “Mark”
Celebrate your individual artistic talents with the rest of the world by making your own dot. Not sure what to do? The International Dot Day Facebook is loaded with “Dot” happenings from around the world and ideas.

Terri's 2014 Dot Day MarkEven I took the time to make my own “mark”.  It is my avatar.  I love this puzzle image and I asked David for permission to use it for all my personal and professional avatars.  There is a story behind this puzzle image.  I love comic books and puzzles.  One year I asked David to create a puzzle that had a woman hero in it.  He had to be careful not to make her look like any other character that was already copyrighted.  She also had to be fully clothed to keep the puzzle family friendly.   I think he did a great job.  Her outfit is very practical.  It was quite an honor to ask for a puzzle and have an author create AND use it in a book!  🙂  Thanks David!  I also scrapbook and make cards.  I cut out the puzzle, pop dotted it on scrap paper and put a die cut circle around it.  It is definitely “me”.  Now…  go make your own dot!

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