Puzzles vs. Alzheimer’s

For those of you who were unaware, September is World Alzheimer’s Month. Did you know that worldwide, 35 million people and their families are affected by dementia. I didn’t.

There is a great article by Lucette Moramarco of the Village News, on what to do to prevent Alzheimer’s, because once you get it, it can’t be stopped. This article covers suggestions for what to eat, as well as what to do, including exercising your brain.

“…the big four components in maintaining a healthy brain are mental exercise, social connections, good nutrition and physical exercise, and it is never too late to start any of them.”

In an article by Ryan Jaslow of CBS News, Jason relates that studies are finding that people who keep their brains active by reading, writing, playing games and doing puzzles, are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease, BUT we need to start healthy habits when we’re young.

“Adults who participated in more mind-stimulating activities, especially in their early and middle years, had the least protein Beta-amyloid protein uptake in their brains. The elderly participants with the most puzzles and books under their belt had brains comparable to those of the healthy controls who were fifty years younger.”

So what can we do to help? Hmmm… think, think, think. Max Wallack certainly exercised his brain cells when he came up with Puzzles To Remember, a non-profit organization that provides jigsaw puzzles to facitlties that care for people with alzheimer’s. Brilliant idea.

“I am overjoyed that these puzzles will soon be available. I am hopeful that the sharing of these images between patients and caregivers will open a whole new line of communication, perhaps reviving some lost memories that they might share, even if for only a few moments.”

So this September… Join the Movement. Take a stand. Make a difference. Walk to end Alzheimer’s.

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