2013 Inauguration Dot-to-Dot Pages

Please feel free to download the following 2013 Inauguration Dot-to-Dot Puzzles for your classroom or just if you feel like doing a puzzle. Our puzzles are recommended for ages 8-108.

Our “holiday” free sample puzzles will only be available during their specific holiday. Check back for the next holiday freebie dot-to-dot. For our year-round sample puzzles go here: Free Samples Dot to Dots

Each image below will download a PDF. You will need Acrobat reader to view and print these pdf files.

12 thoughts on “2013 Inauguration Dot-to-Dot Pages

  1. We talked on the phone recently and I learned how to successfully work the puzzle. Thanks anyway. Sylvia

  2. I can’t figure out how to work the patent pending compass puzzels. WHere is the * that you say start for?

  3. I can access other PDF’s on your website, for example the Earth Day puzzles, but not this. Do you take the pdf’s down from the website after a few months?

    • Yes, we take the previous holiday puzzle down when the next holiday puzzle goes up. We have a free samples page that has 9 puzzles available year-round.

      • I really appreciate that you post free samples of dot-to-dot puzzles for the holidays. The quality of these free puzzles are outstanding. Can you please keep 2 puzzles up at one time, such as the two most recent holidays? I really liked one of the Earth Day puzzles and wanted to print a copy for a friend, but the puzzle was already taken down from the website. Is there anything I can do?

  4. The link to the PDF doesn’t work anymore. The day I tried to access it was May 4, 2013. Can you help?

    • We take the previous holiday puzzle down when the next holiday puzzle goes up. We have a free samples page that has 9 puzzles available year-round. You can also check for the latest free holiday puzzle by using the “Free holiday puzzles” link on the right. The most recent available puzzle should be right at the top.

  5. PLEASE HELP! I love all your puzzles and have already purchased all of your books. I really absolutely love the Arrow puzzles. I want to know if there are more or better yet, a huge book filled with them. Please let me know.

    Thank you,
    Suellen Farrell

    • Hi Suellen,
      Thank you for your post. Since we only have a few Arrow puzzles spread throughout the Super Challenge and Adventure books there is no “huge book” available. David believes that every book should have a variety of puzzle so everyone will enjoy the book(s). He will not limit his books to just one type or theme. At least not right now.

      • If I am correct, there are 2 arrows puzzles in each book in each of The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Super Challenge Books. So I am sorry, because I have similar feelings for other puzzle types.
        Why not become interested in the Stars puzzles instead? Most books have at least 5 of them, and you can find as many as 13 Stars puzzles in a single book. You won’t run out of those puzzles…

        • You are correct on the number of arrow puzzles. David’s current plans are to continue to work on new books with new puzzles. I’m sure if he ever stopped working on new books he might consider “recycling” puzzles into books of type. Right now, though, he does not want to “recycle” his large book puzzles. The newspaper puzzles however have been “recycled” from newspapers around the world into books. I really appreciate your kind words and am happy your are enjoying the puzzles. Thank you.

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